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2017 Change of Operations (Network Enhancements)

2017 Change of Operations (Utility Driver)



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To locate a trailer at the BNSF click here  This is not an app.  Clicking on it takes you directly to the BNSF site where you can enter the trailer numbers.




Check Road Conditions in Illinois with this link!  In Chicago

For the state of Illinois    Also for the Chicago area

General Midwest Road Conditions Map  In MInnesota

In Wisconsin   In Indiana  In Iowa  In Missouri  In Kentucky

Travel Midwest Cameras and Signs

Western States, weather and cameras

Video to Un-Jiff a Roadway Tractor    Volume Down!

Highway Web Cams Below

Indiana Highway Conditions

Colorado  Important Chain Info

Colorado Highway Cams

Colorado Conditions

Donner Pass

Caltrans District 3 (Twitter Updates for Donner)

More on District 3

SmartPhone Quickmap App For California

All of California

More Caltrans

Oregon Web Cams & Road Conditions


Worldwide web cams



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To be approved, the Indiana and Ohio Triples application must be filled in completely!

If they are not filled in completely, they may be rejected and will probably be delayed!

The best time to apply for the Indiana & Ohio triples permits is when you renew your CDL.

Rhondo Rininger's daughter, Nadeana,  was critically injured in a house fire in South Bend, In. (Story Here) She is a quadriplegic from an accident in March 2006. She is suffering from 3rd degree burns on her face, neck, arms & torso. She had to be life-flighted to a burn center in Ann Arbor, Mi. Nadeana's daughter was also injured in the fire. They could use any help anyone can offer! They are not only facing huge medical bills, but the house and contents are a total loss. They have nothing! Here is a link to a GoFundMe Page that has been set up for them.


Please help support John Simon in his battle with esophageal cancer


Update 10/04/22  I'm trying to scrap together $2500.00. It's everything I need for bills, food, & travel. John has been battling Esophageal cancer since May, he's lost over 90 lbs. to date. He received chemotherapy & daily radiation over the course of 8 weeks. Then developing a heart issue of Tachycardia/ with SVT episodes from the radiation. He's just undergone major reconstructive surger having to remove 2/3'rds of the esophagus & 1/3 of his stomach to get the cancerous tumor & lymph nodes around it out. John is a loving husband, father, grandfather, friend & an Army Veteran. Typically he's on the giving end  not the receiving end. If you would consider donating to help the family through this physical, emotional & financial hardship, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support and help for John and his family.


John's GoFundMe Page is Here


To View Your PaySlip at Oracle (follow these three steps)

Step One   Step Two   Step Three

Click The Link below to Go to the Sign-In Page  

You can call Oracle for help at 877-978-4375 and choose the Oracle assistance option.


Side by Side View of the New MOU is Here

The full MOU is Here

The Summary is Here

National Master Freight Agreement

Fuel Locations  Click Here

Meritor OnGuard Systems

Meritor OnLane Systems

Winter Driving Safety


Find something of interest below, just click on it to learn more

Forms       Fill-in PDF Forms for the Indiana & Ohio Triples application







Indiana and Ohio Triples Application      PDF   (5 pages)

Indiana Triples Application: (Fill-in completely and print)         Fill-in PDF

Ohio Triples Application: (Fill-in completely and print)          Fill-in PDF

Ohio Turnpike Commision Inspection Check List          Fill-in PDF

Pension Fund Request (To Check the number of credited years.) Fill-in PDF

Request Information concerning your Grievance as Per Article 7, Section 3   Fill-in PDF

Singleman Run-a-round    Fill-in PDF

Team Run-a-round    Fill-in PDF

Letter of Rebuttal Form (Fill in & Print)      PDF

Grievance Form (Fill in & Print)     PDF

Article 40 Pre-String Violation Form (Fill in & Print)  PDF

Convert Minutes to Clicks  aka Hundredths  PDF

Work Rules     PDF

 Work Rule Supplement     PDF

Article 29.3     PDF     ( Not Available Just Yet)

Here is the new pay rate for 2012      PDF

Mileages to Terminals and meet points for 309   PDF

Layover pay      PDF

 To locate a trailer at the BNSF Click Here

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

If you are looking for a partner for the sleepers, you can leave your contact information on the guest book. It will be removed shortly after we bid. If you need it removed sooner let me know. If you can't get online to leave your information,I'd be happy to do it for you. E-mail or 708.805.4671 (anytime).

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Quick Reference links


IIf you need a copy of your w-2      W-2 eXpress     They will be moving soon to this Site

To Login, you will need:

Company Code:  10197

Your Social Security Number

Your Pin:  Last four difits of your SSN and the four digits of your birth year

Note: If you do not have internet access, you can request a W-2 reprint by phone (877-325-9239)


    Drug Dangers

     Pest Helpers

   Mesothelioma, Asbestos, and the Dangers of Smoking

              Tobacco Free Life

     Money Saving Pro     Tons of Great Money Saving Information Here!!!

    LiveTrucking    Great site!

 RX  Dangers Check here for Recent Information on Defective Drugs & Devices

The Dangers of Drinking & Driving

 Learn about Alcohol Additction and more

 Resource Guide for Addiction     Great source for anyone needing help!

 Addiction Guide  Great source for anyone needing help!

  Addiction Resource  Great source for anyone needing help!

Quit Smoking Community    Please check this out!

 Freedom From Smoking  Please check this out!

 Teens & Distracted Driving

 Tornado Safety and Preparedness

 All Trucking   A Great Site with a Lot of Info that's

 Homeowners Insurance Review

The Ultimate Guide to Road Safety Apps

Road Safety Group

Pick the Brain, this is a pretty interesting site

What to do in a Natural Disaster and Home Emergency Safety

What to do if you are hit from Behind

The Truth About Teen Driving

A Teenagers and Parents Guide to Auto Driving Safety

Driving your Car in Bad Weather - Tips from the Experts


       CDL Knowledge Tests

CDL Practice Tests, Everything from General Knowledge to Hazmat

More Free Practice Tests for an Illinois CDL

CDL/Hazmat Practice Test

CDL/Prep Tests

The Truckers Report  Practice Tests

     Hazardous Materials Markings, Labeling &  Placarding Guide  

     Nine Clases of Hazardous Materials  

FMCSA Resources for Drivers

ELD Harrassment Protection for Drivers

AOBRD and Logging Software (differences)

National Highway Transportation Safety Administration   Car, Teen and Truck Safety Info

Mobile Phones and Driving Safety State Laws

Winter & Severe Weather Driving fors Cars and Motorcycles

The Keys to Defensive Driving

Learn About Gateway Drug Addiction and Prevention

Foundation Recovery Network

With "Teens and Trucks," the Roadmap this Summer is on Safety

Teens and Trucks  Share the Road

New Hand Held Cell Phone Ban Starts Jan. 3, 2012

New Hours of Service Rule, Compliance date July 1, 2013

12 Safety Tips for Bad-Weather Driving

Facts & Achievements

Intellicast Weather or NOAA or Accuweather or USA Today Weather or Weather Underground

No Idling laws:  Printable Cab Card or  use this one with clickable links

TSA Fingerprint Information  Click here or call the Driver Help Center at 877-429-7746, (between 7-9 est).  Federal law requires all drivers with a hazardous material endorsement to complete a security threat assessment.  This usually must be completed at least 30 days prior to renewing your endorsement.

Radio Boxes for Sale

Information on the Proposed Hours of Service

Hours of Service Rules and Guidelines

Federal Carrier Safety Administration

Roadway's Out of Service Criteria

Michigan Hazmat Penalties

Utah Triples Responsibility

Roadway's Out of Service Policy

Yellow Roadway Corp Worldwide

Real World Logistics - Your Source for All Things Logistics & Supply Chain

Stock Information from Bloomberg

U.S. Department of Transportation

Government Printing Office (GPO),  New Federal Digital System

FMCSA  Regulations

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA)

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Regulations

California Chain Requirements

Trouble with the IRS? Get help here!

Check out this tax information

Wall Street Journal, (digital edition)

Kansas City Business Journal

Traffic World

Transport Topics

The Street


The Trucker


Supply Chain Digest

Eye for Transport

Road Drivers

The Truckers Report  Chain Law Information

The Truckers Report  Practice Tests

Truck News

Women in Trucking

The Truckers Report- A Great Resource Guide


Union Stuff and Company Stuff


International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Freight Division)

National Master Freight Agreement

The contract supplement

Local 710

DC Velocity, Pension News

Here are the contract books

Teamsters National Black Caucus

Chicago Teamsters Hispanic Caucus

TDU-(Teamsters for a Democatic Union)

American Transportation Research Institute

Sec Filings for YRC

YRC Comp Planning Stock Option

YRC Logistics

Freight Teamsters

Pension Rights Center

Central Laborers' Pension Fund v. Heinz       June 4, 2004 Supreme Court Case.

Misc. and Technology Links


Industrial Links

Shop Iowa 80 Truckstop

The alacra Store

The Trucker

Plan your trip. figure miles and cost

Paul Thurrot's Super Site for Windows

EBE data entry

See the Three Screen Shots Below on How To Log-In to Oracle for your Payslip.



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