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Welcome to Take Back 710

Welcome, Take Back 710 is a site designed to do whatever it takes to get Teamsters Local Union back into the hands of the people it matters to most, its members. On July 31, 2014 Local 710 was trusteed by our International Union as a result of the recommendation of the IRB. This recommendation was mainly the result of improperly documenting some $58,000 in gift cards and poor reporting of salary deferrals and the problems that it caused. To fix these... problems and get our local back on track the IBT followed the recommendation and Trusteed 710.Our Executive board was removed and $58,000 in restitution was paid to the local.
Unfortunately, since the Trusteeship, far more damage has been done to our Local by the Trustee, International Vice-President John Coli, then was ever done by our prior E-Board. Some of the things V-P Coli has done to Local 710 since he has done or appears to be in the process of doing are:

- Stolen our 1700 members and moved them into his familyís local. Including about $1,000,000 per year in dues money

- Trying to move another 1,300 members into locals controlled by his friends (a move only stopped by member outrage and involvement)

- Lying to the membership at meetings about keeping their representatives and then finding ways to get rid of them, even the ones we elected (he has changed over half the staff)

- Spending thousands of dollars of union money, to put his name and that of the agents that he wants to run the union after the Trusteeship is over, on pens, flyers, mailings, etc. to help him win his election as international V-P and retain control of the local

- Take control of our Funds

- Outsource 710 jobs and take bids from non-union workers to outsource the work

This is not intended to be a political site. However, if this shredding of our local continues we need to do whatever it takes to preserve our local and get it put back into the hands of those who care about it, the MEMBERS.

Please review the attached letter to the General-President and if you agree sign a copy and forward it to him, The Dept. Of Labor, the IRB and to any of the other names provided on the address page.